Organizational Agility

When we find ourselves on a stormy sea, there are only 3 options: attempt to control it, surrender to it, or learn to navigate it. We cannot control organizational contexts any more than we can control the sea; surrender is not a survival strategy. We  must find a middle way; a path that emerges through wayfinding.

Organizational agility turns the complexity dials all the way up; all of them. We are no longer simply addressing team-level processes, or improving a functional area (though we might discover we need both!). Rather, it is an integral approach that invites us to inquire into how we make sense of things; that our version of how the world works and how outputs and systems support or impeded the responsiveness. Organizations that have created a path toward agility have reported that few, if any, parts of the business remain unchanged.

My work with organizational agility can go far beyond workshops; the limits are the courage, willingness, and decision rights that are present. This path is for leaders and organizations looking for approaches beyond quick fixes and simple solutions. It is also understood that this kind of change does not spare any part of the organization.

Like each of my areas of focus; Organizational Agility contains workshops, services, and talks.