Organizational Agility Workshops

Foundations of Agility

While agile practices and frameworks are now commonplace, understanding of how and why they work is much less widespread. Even organizations that have invested heavily in certifications and topical training often find their business results largely unchanged. Foundations of Agility is a flexible design that brings in pre-set modules and allows for emergent topics. Participants are invited and expected to operationalize what they learn.

Elevated Product Leadership

Elevated Product Leadership reinforces concepts from Foundations of Agility and then builds on them from a product development perspective. Participants are introduced to pragmatic approaches that they can immediately begin to apply. Be aware though, that how to become a product-led organization is only something you can learn through doing.

Story Mapping Deep Dive

One of the most powerful tools in any complex knowledge work, User Story Mapping covers and applies to far more than a short paragraph can address. I’ve been working with Story Maps since around 2010 and have unlocked several key insights that have demonstrably profoundly accelerated the efficacy of efforts across domains. Story Mapping Deep Dive is a workshop heavy on doing and light on telling.

Applied Agile Portfolio Management

While some business domains are inherently complex and thus demand approaches coherent with complex adaptive response, many others’ underlying simplicity is obscured by incorrect or lack of process. Drawing heavily on Theory of Constraints, Queueing Theory, and the Kanban Method, Applied Agile Portfolio Management introduces heuristics and enabling constraints to create an initial intake process for your portfolio or value stream that can be evolutionarily improved over time.