Organizational Agility Talks & Presentations

Balancing Risk and Value in Procurement

The case study of guiding the State of Maine Department of Education in conceiving, describing, procuring, and implementing a state-mandated multi-million dollar state longitudinal data system (LDS).

We created a new framework to not only understand the development work internally, though also to communicate with potential vendors via RFP, write a more effective contract, and through the implementation respond to new information together that disproved our initial assumptions.

3 Key Improvements To Great Story Maps

While the basic format and practice of building a User Story Map are relatively easy to learn, many practitioners miss three critical patterns that differentiate a good Story Map from a GREAT Story Map.

We’ll explore these ideas and some other foundational ideas for effective mapping. No prior experience with Story Mapping is necessary, and even experienced practitioners may be pleasantly surprised!

Organizational Change Is An Individual Choice

It is no longer enough to make it through the next reorganization, growth challenges, or market shift. Rather, we must choose to find a way to belong amongst the heaving rates of change we constantly find ourselves in for our own well-being. We are called instead to master the change process itself. The question then becomes: “how might we co-create an organization that fulfills its purpose AND enables us to fulfill our own?” I will explore this question and invite listeners to join me. They can expect to leave the talk with their own questions to explore individually and together.