Organizational Agility Services

Collective Wayfinding

Organizational needs are profoundly context-sensitive, and one size definitely does not fit all. Collective Wayfinding includes some proven approaches to navigating the complex landscape of organizational change. Ranging from designing and facilitating topic-specific offsites to launching or inspecting efforts that require contributions of more than a small group. I draw from the disciplines of organizational development, agile and lean software development, human systems work, complex adaptive response, and more. Together we co-create an engagement that is most likely to achieve desired outcomes.


Because each organization is a unique context at each moment in time, off-the-shelf assessments risk examining the wrong topics, seeing problems where none exist, and missing the ones that do. My assessment is a nested set of heuristics, starting with the context your organization exists within that is exerting external change pressures that call to be responded to. Together, we agree on these and what kind of response would be beneficial; exploring if the competencies and capabilities to lead that response exist or need to be fostered; and finally specific topical areas such as how effectively does the organization create value and how effectively do its systems support those processes? Critically, this is not something I do on my own; we work through together, using evidence we find through the work. The end result is a set of options for improvement.