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Visual Guide: User Story Mapping

Jeff Patton’s description of User Story Mapping fundamentally changed the game of how we plan product development. I’ve been using and refining my approach to Story Mapping for over a decade and have curated what I’ve learned into this visual guide. I have also developed some talks on the topic, as well as a highly-rated […]

Shake Up Boring Video Calls

Where It Began… I initially wrote this back in the spring of 2020 when the Covid19 pandemic had largely forced knowledge work efforts out of corporate offices and into homes. Many of my clients at the time had never worked full-time from home, and in addition to the massive anxiety of the pandemic, learning to […]

Visual Guide: Tactics For Using Words

One of most frequent assertions I hear when groups of people are solving tough problems together is “we need to communicate more.” There is always plenty of agreement, though things get a lot more ambiguous when it comes to increasing the effectiveness of efforts to communicate. This Visual Guide is a take away from my […]

Visual Guide: Kantor & Kolb

A reference PDF from my workshops that examine how people prefer to interact with information and communicate with each other.

Real Options To Reduce Risk in Complexity

To Predict, or Not to Predict, and So What? Leaders and organizations are constantly making a steady stream of decisions. Achieving desired outcomes is often heavily dependent on a specific future coming true. The more stable and known something is, the more predictable it is. It is to decide to invest time, effort, and money […]

5 Ways to Stack the Odds

It can be paralyzing just trying to understand what you’re deciding on, let alone making the decision! Business decisions are a gamble of sorts. Let’s learn how you might stack the odds in your favor! When we can make better business decisions, we reduce anxiety and stay relevant in a rapidly shifting environment. Today the […]

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