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Videos, talks, and podcast episodes I’ve been a guest on.

Agile Virtual Summit: Positive Emotional Attractor

Recently, I spoke at the Agile Virtual Summit on the topic of Eliciting the Positive Emotional Attractor (PEA). As the world has become more technically enabled and automated, machines have taken over many transactional tasks humans once did. The same technology has created new opportunities and challenges that are most effectively solved by people working […]

Organizational Change is an Individual Choice

Organizational Change is an Individual Choice – Balancing individual and collective needs as our organizations evolve. It is no longer enough to make it through the next reorganization, growth challenge, or market shift. Rather, we must choose to find a way to belong amongst the heaving rates of change we constantly find ourselves in for […]

What’s Next on Your Agile Coaching Path?

I speak with Joe Krebs about the difference between agile team coaching and agile enterprise coaching and why these are often parallel tracks.

Adventures With Agile: Advanced Story Mapping

My colleagues and friends over at Adventures With Agile both host my User Story Mapping Deep Dive workshop and also invited me to give a talk in April 2021 about some more techniques that dip below the surface a bit.

Scrum Masters of the Universe: 3 Ways to Make Good Story Maps Great

  I was invited in September 2021 to give a talk about some of the things I’ve learned about leading User Story Mapping sessions. This talk presents a few of these. Complex technical development efforts are full of risks. Most commonly understood are the interactions between schedule, budget, and scope. Though there are also much […]

Meetup Video: Three Considerations Choosing Between Agile Team and Enterprise Coaching

In June of 2022, Louria Lindauer and I were invited to speak at the Lean Agile Digital Transformation Learning Network Meetup in Chicago. Our topic was to clarify the relationship between team-level and enterprise-level coaching.

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