Team Effectiveness Workshops

Facilitation: Fundamentals and Advanced Techniques

“Facilitation” is defined as to ease something or make it smooth. What if we knew how to create and lead conversations that made things easier and smoother? Facilitation: Fundamentals and Advanced Techniques introduces participants to the dynamics of effective conversations; container building ­— and how to work with what emerges between participants within that container.

Communication is More Than Words

Communication is one of the most difficult, and critical, things to master in knowledge work. Yet what if the words we use are only the surface of a proverbial iceberg? Built on the concept of human systems; very real, though invisible, structures that people co-create in real time, often unconsciously. By working directly with the system, rather than trying to influence individuals, teams can quickly see substantial jumps in their ability to work together.

Introduction to Flow Metrics

How long will it take? is one of the most elusive questions to answer in complex knowledge work. Introduction to Flow Metrics shows teams which metrics to pay attention to, how they are captured, and how they can be used to inform both forecasts and also operational decisions regarding in-flight and pending work.