Team Effectiveness Services

Team Coaching (The Locker Room)

There are plenty of basics of team effectiveness that can be elusive. Role clarity; improvement as part of the fabric of the team’s work; theory behind agile ways of working; output/flow metrics; predictability; and more. When the foundations are strong, we can co-create amazing things that are well-supported.

Team Coaching (The Field)

Working with a coach to directly solve problems can show a team how amazing collaboration can be. Specific examples include, though are not limited to: improving planning efforts such as User Story Mapping or other work item refinement sessions, applying technical practices, or pair and group collaboration.

Kolb Experiential Learning Profile – Group Version

Using the same KELP assessment as the individual version, the group version explores the implication around roles, team behaviors, and whether there are learning styles either over or underrepresented on the team. In the many years I’ve been introducing teams to Kolb, it is not uncommon that they report it to be one of the most important ideas in our work together.