Individual Leadership Development Workshops

Fundamentals of Resonant Coaching

Coaching with compassion rather than for compliance enables leaders to more effectively help others change and in turn become more effective. Each specific coaching topic is followed immediately by a short practice session in pairs or trios. What starts as a set of skills that feels clumsy and foreign quickly builds into a powerful toolkit to fundamentally shift how we show up, and the results we achieve, as leaders.

Leading Through Speaking

In today’s interconnected, information-dense organizational environments, the need for people from different business areas to effectively communicate is a performance differentiator. Leading Through Speaking demystifies speaking as a leadership act by identifying key components and strategies. With frequent practice in small groups, participants leave the workshop with greater confidence and capabilities.

Leading in Complexity

Complexity Theory gives profound insight into today’s business and organizational realities. Through a modular approach that encompasses Complexity Theory, then applicability across a series of lenses: individually, in 1:1 contexts, and finally organizational considerations, Leading In Complexity seeks to create a learning journey toward more effective decision-making.