Individual Leadership Development Services

Leadership Agility 360 Assessment.

As a certified Leadership Agility 360 coach, I can administer the 360 instrument for individuals or groups of leaders. The Leadership Agility 360 is my preferred tool for several reasons: the underlying theory is integral in that it covers both observable behaviors, subjective sense-making, and the co-evolutionary dynamics between them; debriefing the assessment is pragmatic and action-oriented; the assessment covers both “horizontal” or skill-based development and “vertical” or emotional and cognitive development toward more effective complex responses.

Kolb Experiential Learning Profile

As a certified KELP Coach, I can debrief the KELP assessment for individuals and groups (see the Team Effectiveness section for the group version). In the years that I’ve been introducing groups to Kolb Experiential Learning, one of the most frequent comments is “I wish I knew this before!” Built on David Kolb’s assertion that learning is the process by which information is transformed into knowledge, the profile identifies our preferences for interacting with new information and how those preferences map onto styles of learning that drive our responses.

Individual Leadership Coaching

There are innumerable styles and approaches to coaching. Mine is rooted in the fundamentals of Co-Active Coaching; Organizations, Systems, and Relationships Coaching; and Resonant Leadership. Leaders who work with me as a coach report greater abilities to work with diverse stakeholders, scale their own effectiveness to match growing responsibilities, and deepening understanding of how to better move through the complex realities of organizational life. As a graduate student at Case Western Reserve University, I was able to learn directly from Richard Boyatzis and Melvin Smith both the theory and application of their latest research.